When I lived in America, my favorite National Holiday was Thanksgiving. It’s a holiday that everyone in America celebrates regardless of faith or religion. It’s a time when families come together and the country reflects on what it has to be thankful for.  I believe the UK needs a national bank holiday that is our equivalent of Thanksgiving, but is themed around unity and bringing communities together.

Our nation is divided, politically and economically, and the threat of terror has added further pressure to the threads that bind us as an inclusive multicultural society.

‘National Unity Day’

would be a great way to heal divisions and bring people together to celebrate all that unites us in the UK.

The UN already has International Solidarity Day, but this day is yet to take off like International Women’s Day. Perhaps the UK can lead the way by creating a day that becomes a great example to the rest of the world.

As I mentioned in the introduction to this book, being ‘United’ is our raison d’être, but it isn’t always easy. It requires give and take on both sides, but it is also fundamental to human development and to our very existence. I would like to see ‘National Unity Day’ become a national UK holiday with the focus on reaching out to others.

A day to celebrate the UK’s unity and diversity.

A day to highlight awareness of the importance of unity and to
protect its value in society.

A day to promote connections and discussions

on how best to increase unity.

A day of fun with ‘others’.


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