The age old tradition of "Breaking Bread" together is a timeless channel for forging understating and connection between divided communities. The food we eat can be great unifier and an effective way of promoting cross cultural understanding. Food not only sustains and nourishes our bodies, but also brings us comfort as well as being a physical representation of love for our friends, family and fellow man.

The aim of the Diversify Dinners is to create motivating gatherings to bring together citizens from all walks of life to share ideas and find solutions.

Diversify Dinners Starter Pack

Host You Own Diversify Dinner

Your step by step guide to organising and hosting the perfect Diversify Dinner


Talking Points

To make the most of your Diversify Dinner here are a series of conversation points, topics and questions.


Menu Ideas

Starter, main and dessert, a collection of menus ideas for your Diversify Dinner



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